Katie Ginger, Writer

Live. Read. Write.

Katie Ginger, Writer

Live. Read. Write.

My debut novel The Little Theatre on the Seafront is out now on Amazon and Kobo . 

Hello and welcome everyone!

I’m Katie and I’m a chick lit and cosy mystery writer. My debut novel The Little Theatre on the Seafront was published in September 2018 by Harper Collins, HQ DigitalUK!

There’s a couple of links above, but if you’re not in the UK, all the links are on the Publications page so please hop on over and grab a copy! I promise you’ll love it!

If you love funny, warm chicklit then stick around! We’ll have lots to discuss. And if you enjoy witty cosy mysteries, please check out my short stories – Mrs Walker and the Lady in the Laundry, and Mrs Walker and the Poisonous Punch published by Mystery Weekly, and Murder Upstairs, published by Zimbell Publishing in their anthology ‘Why?’.

Here’s where I’ll be blogging about various things – writing, gin, life … more gin! I hope you’ll join me!

Latest stories

Author Interview – Julian Slatcher

Today my author interview is with the fab Julian Slatcher, author of the DS Pete Gayle series. Tell me a bit about you and your latest work, Julian. My latest published novel is No Going Back, book four in the DS Pete Gayle crime thriller series set in Exeter. I started off writing fiction as a teenager, first got published in non-fiction, as a gardening writer, and was working on a thriller when...

My Top 5 Tips for Giving Good Critiques

One of the best ways of learning as a writer is, of course, actually writing, but also having your work critiqued. It can be a hard blow sometimes but it is a great way to learn, and learn fast. When you get critiques, whether through a writing group, or through something more informal, it’s normally good manners to return the favour. But critiquing someone else’s work can be daunting...

Author Interview – Jennifer Bohnet

I’ve got another author interview on the blog today (I know, I’m spoiling you all at the moment!). This week it’s fellow HQ DigitalUK author, Jennifer Bohnet and as an extra bonus, her ebook is down to 99p so you’d better get to your copy quick!   Hi Jennifer, welcome to the blog, tell me a bit about you and your latest work. A Year of Taking Chances is about what...

Author Interview – Sandy Barker

It’s time for another author interview! I know, how exciting! Today it’s Sandy Barker.   Tell me a bit about you and your latest work. I’m an author and traveller who is based in Australia and this year, my partner and I are on a year’s sabbatical living and working around the world. We’re both working as consultants, but I’ve also donned another hat this year as an author. My...

Hey, 2019! Reflections on the Past Year

Photo by Crazy nana on Unsplash

I know the New Year is generally about looking forward, getting excited about the year ahead, and making resolutions that most of us won’t stick too, but I really wanted to take a moment to look back on the year that has just past. For me, it’s been a life changing year. I got my first ever book deal for two novels with Harper Collins, HQ DigitalUK and then got a second one with them...

Author Interview – Paula Williams

Today on the blog I’m welcoming the amazing crime writer, Paula Williams who writes one one of my favourite genres – cosy crime! Hi Paula, can you tell me a bit about you and your latest work? I have just finished the second in my Much Winchmoor series of crime novels, set in a small Somerset (UK) village not unlike the one I live in. I also write a monthly column called Ideas Store...

Katie Ginger, Writer Live. Read. Write.

Katie Ginger

The first thing you need to know about me is, I like gin. Lots and lots of gin.
I live in the South East of England in a lovely little town by the sea and spend my time working, running around after my kids, walking our King Charles Spaniel, Wotsit, and writing!

I love history and have a Master’s degree, but have also been lucky enough to work in various castles and museums over the years. I’ve yet to get one of them into a story though – I really must try harder!