Fear is a brilliant and terrifying thing. It’s a natural reaction to keep you safe and make you consider your actions. But there are times when fear can get in the way of achieving our dreams and we have to learn to be braver. But when is the right time when it comes to that manuscript you’ve been pouring over for years? Read on to find out!


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Doubt is natural

Every author in the history of the world (ever) has doubted their work at some point. For some it hits at the end of the first act when you really start catapulting your characters into the muddy middle of the novel. For others, the whole thing can be a challenge. I’ve certainly had books like that.

Doubt comes because you’re going out on a limb, doing something new and scary and there’s always that fear of rejection too.

But, it’s important not to let doubt become crippling anxiety that stops you from writing. If it does become like that, take some time out and come back to your novel when you’re ready.

It can help to think about if anything in particular is troubling you. If you feel like your novel isn’t working, check out this post I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It might help you get unstuck.


Doubt is good!

As cheesy as it sounds, doubt can also be a superpower.

It allows us to question every aspect of our craft, asking critical questions. Identifying the weaker parts of your writing allows you to improve on them making your submission the best it can be, which of course, will give it the best possible chance of success.


Don’t let it go too far!

Doubt goes too far when it starts holding you back. Deep down, you’ll know the difference between doubting the quality of your work and using that as an excuse to avoid the fear of rejection.

Basically, when you get to the point where you can’t think how you’d improve your plot, characters, dialogue etc., and you’re simply moving comma’s around, it’s time to be brave!


When to submit

I’m not an expert but my personal opinion is that you’re ready to submit when you know the following:

  • There’s nothing more you can do to your manuscript and it’s been beta read, read-through by you one final time.
  • You know who you want to submit to and the format that submission needs to take.
  • When you know the expectations of your genre and made sure your manuscript meets those expectations
  • When you’ve hit the expected word count and aren’t wildly over or under
  • As I said above, when you’re doing nothing but moving comma’s around, it’s time to let that bad boy go!


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