Romance is often criticised for being easy to read or uncomplicated, when in reality they are often as complicated and deeply themed as other genres. The difference is the style romance authors write in, which isn’t flouncy or flutey, makes them easy to read, but not necessarily easy to write! Most romance novels also deal with quite heavy themes and there’s a reason for this. Here’s why you should include heart-string tugging story lines in your romance writing too.


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You may not realise it but every romance novel you’ve ever read will deal with some major issues: break-ups, divorce, death, grief, loss, miscarriage…the list goes on. Though they end in happy ever afters, the journey is often a struggle. But that’s life, isn’t it?

Romance novels represent life and the good and bad that goes on in it.

You can’t have the light without the shade and the reason so many of the best romance novels tackle big issues like illness or death, is because it’s something we can all relate too. At the very least, we can empathise with it.

They make the happy moments even happier because we know what the main character has gone through to get there. Having the darker, deeper storylines means we have those moments of darkness to come out of.

If you’re worried about including those elements that make you cry writing them, don’t! We need that tension, that worry, that fear in order to cheer our characters on and enjoy their perfect ending as much as they do!


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