So, despite the title, this isn’t a huge blog post in an, ‘aren’t I amazing, look at me!’ kind of way. This is just a little message to say that I’m thrilled to bits to have had a couple of short stories published. The links are in the Publications section of this site if you’re interested.

I’ve found that I really like working on some short stories while I also work on a novel. Focussing solely on one thing I find so consuming I lose all perspective on what I’m writing, but if I work on a short story too, I seem better able to objectively view both pieces of work. Are you guys the same?

I’d be really interested to know how you guys work. Do you prefer working on one thing at a time, or having a couple of things on the go? Is it all the same type of thing, ie. novels, or like me, do you mix writing a novel with short stories?

Stop by and let me know!