Self Care Challenge – How did I do?


If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that back in April I said I was going to do a self-care challenge through May, and try and do one thing a week to take better care of myself. So I thought I’d do a quick post to let you know how I got on.

How did I do? Umm…pretty rubbish actually. I think I managed to do two things as part of my challenge. One was a really nice luxurious bath where I was actually able to take some time and relax, the other was a hair mask, mainly because I’m going grey at a horrific pace and my hair is dryer than the Sahara desert at the moment. So, in conclusion, I didn’t do very well, did I?

When I was thinking about why I didn’t manage to do more, the only thing I could come up with is that life is still really busy! I thought I’d find it easy to grab an extra five minutes here and there to do something, but without actual planning, those five minutes disappeared. I’m constantly trying to get things done and tackle the next job on the to-do list so any time I got was filled with another task as I tried to get ahead of the game. Basically, it was a lot harder than I thought to carve actual time to do things for me. Plus with half term and the kids being constantly around by the time they’re in bed, I just want to collapse and drink a vat of wine!

I think if I was to do this again I’d definitely make an actual list of things to do and make sure I have the stuff to do it (face-masks, nail polish remover etc!). I’m currently working on edits for book 3 so time is limited again, but once I’ve sent these back in July, I might try again. It can be my summer ready challenge! Hopefully, you can join me and together we can try and get a little time to look after ourselves properly.

If you did a self-care challenge I’d love to know how you got and if you have any tips for me, do share them in the comments below.


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  • Inspired by your post, I booked an appointment to get my brows sorted out (sad, mousy facial caterpillars, anyone?) And I’m getting my hair cut and coloured on the same morning! If I hadn’t made actual appointments, I’d never get round to doing any self care stuff! So thank you, Katie!!

    • I’m so pleased, Kiley! Sometimes, it’s making yourself make time isn’t it? I’m getting my hair done on 3rd July, ready for the Harper Collins Summer Party that night because I can only manage straightening mine!
      Well done on getting in some time just for you! You totally deserve it!
      I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy it to the max!
      Best wishes,

By Katie Ginger

Katie Ginger

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