Half term holidays are fast approaching and as much as I love this time of year of cuddling the kids snuggled under blankets and drinking ridiculous hot chocolates covered in whipped cream and marshmallows, there are times when life gives you an endless to-do list.


The school holidays might be a break for the kids but the chances are it isn’t for the mums, dads and carers out there. That’s why I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admitting and owning the fact that sometimes you have to put yourself first. Whether that’s sorting out a play date so you can have some time to yourself, or just prioritising a nice hot bath with a glass of wine and candles! We’re often programmed to feel guilty for taking time for ourselves when there’s always something else to do, but those precious minutes of peace and quiet can really help settle the mind and get you back on track to handle what life (and kids!) can throw at you!


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