I don’t know if Queen of Chick Lit is actually Jenny Colgan’s title. She probably goes by Mrs Colgan, or something less dramatic. But to me, she is totally the queen of the genre. I await her books with childlike anticipation and once I’ve read it and realise I have to wait like, a year or two, until the next one comes out, I’m like the kid who opened all their Christmas presents in two minutes and has to sit and watch everyone else enjoy theirs.

All the books

So, the lovely Mrs Colgan has written over 24 books. That’s 24 of her main chick lit ones and within this are 4 different series. She’s also written some sci-fi books and some Dr Who novels! The woman has been busy!

All the love

The first book I read of hers was Looking for Andrew McCarthy and I was hooked straight away. Since then I’ve read all of them. My particular favourites of hers are the two series featuring Polly Waterford (The Little Beach Street Bakery) and Rosie Hopkins (Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams). But I also the series she wrote as Jane Beaton featuring Downey House (the Little School by the Sea).

What I love about her is the fun, bubbly writing that still manages to make you cry and the wonderful characters she creates. Reading one of her books is disappearing into another world and finding new friends. You want to become best friends with all of her main characters and root for them all the way through. Not only that, but it makes we want Jenny as one of my best friends. I know you live in Scotland, Jenny, but penpals, maybe?

I think I’m having a lucky year so far, because not only did MC Beaton, the first author I featured in my favourites blog, release a new book this month, so has Jenny! Yay, I hear you shout from the rooftops! The Little Shop of Happy Ever After has just been released so read it, read it, read it as soon as you can. I can assure you, you will love it from the first word!