One writerly question, one answer, one minute to read!

February’s question is…how do I find time to write?

I thought this might be a good question to follow on from last month’s so if you’ve started writing for the first time this year, or you’re juggling writing with a job and kids etc. then here are my top tips for getting those words written!


If you’re really committed to getting those words down you need to prioritise actually writing. See if there are gaps in your life you can use to sit and write. If there really isn’t any time in your day, can you get up earlier or go to bed later? Even half an hour will be worth it in the long run and if you keep going eventually you’ll have an entire novel.


Begin your writing by writing it in your diary! Make a note in your planner as to when you’re going to write. Committing to it mentally and on paper is the first step to making it actually happen.

Tool up

Keep a notebook handy or make notes on your phone when you can. By having the tools you need to hand, you can jot ideas down and even plan the next part of your story.


Find the shortcuts that work for your life. Can you batch cook meals at the weekend so you have weekday evenings for writing? Can you use your lunch break or your commute to write, or do life admin to make your writing session longer? Getting organised with other parts of your life can help make the most of your writing time.

So, guys, I hope you found these useful! Don’t forget to share your own hints and tips in the comments below!

Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash