One writerly question, one answer, one minute to read!

It’s our final One Minute Wonder and I hope you’ve enjoyed this series over the year! I thought I’d do something a little bit different for this one. So instead of answering a question, I wanted to give a piece of advice.

This year has been a tough one, there’s no doubt about that. I hope you’ve all kept safe and well and if you’ve had a tough time, I want to say how very sorry I am and that I hope things are getting better for you. Hang in there and we will get through this.

The advice I wanted to share has been even more meaningful to me this year than any other, and that is to celebrate every achievement!

Finished that tricky chapter? Go for it! Finished a terrible first draft? Crack out the fizz!

This isn’t an excuse for gluttony or throwing caution to the wind, but when life is hard and particularly tough, it’s important to celebrate the things we’ve achieved when we could have just thrown in the towel.

Don’t wait for that chapter to be edited or that first draft to be picked up by a publisher. Celebrate every milestone because they’re worth celebrating and when life is tough enough, it’s important to make the most of the good times!

Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash