Welcome to one of my new features for 2020…One Minute Wonder! One writerly question, one answer, one minute to read!

This month’s question is…should you try creative writing in 2020?

If your answer to this is, ‘I’d love to but I’m just no good,’ then you should definitely try creative writing! And if you ever imagine yourself writing then it’s time you gave it a go.

But how?

There are so many ways to start but I think one of the best ways is to decide if you want structure or not. If you do, then have a look at a creative writing course. There are many different types (accredited or not, distance learning etc) and ones to suit every budget. If you don’t then just start writing.

Big or small?

Whether you take a course or just write, decide whether to start big or small. You could have a go at a short story or if you have an idea already, dive into a novel.

To plot or not to plot?

This depends on the type of person you are and what you prefer but you won’t know that if you don’t actually get started and write. Have a go at writing something and see how it feels. Is it flowing and you feel happy and confident? Keep going! Does it feel stressful because you don’t know what you want to happen next? Maybe take a break and plot the next few steps.

Do not give up!

Finding your process is half the fun of writing and even once you have more of an idea it will refine or change with each new thing you write. So whatever happens with your piece please, please, please keep going! First drafts are messy and chaotic word vomit, some ideas just don’t work out as well as you thought, but whatever happens, you have to keep going to find out!

Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash