If you didn’t know already, I love gin! And in this post we’re talking about a plain gin and tonic here. No fancy tonics or flavoured gins, I’ll talk about those in another post later. For now, I wanted to share my top 10 ways for dressing up your normal gin and tonic because sometimes that’s all you’ve got in the house!

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Ice and a slice (and maybe a dash of Lemoncello!)

Sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason! A good old gin and tonic with a slice of fresh lemon and lots of ice is the perfect drink on a summer’s day. However, add a dash of Lemoncello and you take your normal g&t to another level! It may technically be a cocktail but who cares! It’s delicious!

Cucumber and juniper berries

My husband doesn’t like this one. He hates cucumber and says it makes the gin taste like dirty pond water. How he would know that, I have no idea! But I stand by this one. I love the way the cucumber gives the gin a really fresh, clean taste. You can either slice it like you would for a sandwich or take a really long strip down the side and wrap it in the glass. The juniper berries give a nice touch but make sure you don’t swallow them all.

Strawberries and mint

Taking a tip from good old Pimms a few strawberries and a sprig of mint add a sweetness and zip to a normal gin and tonic and make it look super pretty too!

A sprig of rosemary

This adds a really nice herbal hit to a plain boring g&t and gives you something to stir it with too! Don’t use too much, or scrunch up the rosemary too much though. It can end up tasting all soapy and weird.

Lime and chilli

This one’s a bit unusual but still really, really good. Particularly with Mexican food. Slicing up a Jalepeno pepper and adding a few pieces to your glass give a fantastic kick and the lime adds a zing that cuts through the heat. A fab combination and definitely worth a try.

What are yor favourite ways? Share your recipes in the comments below and I promise I’ll try them!

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