If you’re an avid reader (like me!) then you’ll know that one of the best ways to get book recommendations and inspiration is through following book bloggers on social media. So here’s part one of some of my favourites who you should definitely give a follow!




Amanda reads a lot and I mean, a lot! So she really knows what she’s talking about.




Though Emma normally blogs about theatre stuff she’s branching out into books. If you’re interested in London theatre as well, she’s definitely one to follow!




This fantastic site focuses on romance, saga and women’s fiction.




Katie loves crafts and reviewing fiction so how can you not follow her!




Rebecca runs a lovely site covering lots of genres so there’s always something good to choose from.




She loves all literature so you’ll be spoilt for choice!




Let’s have some love for the gingers! Including her lovely ginger cat, Jaffa!


Tangents Book Blog


A truly awesome site with great, in-depth book reviews.




Another beautiful site that makes your heart happy and with lovely thorough, heart-felt  reviews.




Katie’s is another varied list with fab reviews!




Another romance and women’s fiction site with some great reviews.




Women’s Fiction and Chick-lit specialist so she really knows her stuff!


If you’ve got recommendations for me, share them in the comments below so I can give them a follow!