As I turn my attention from romance back towards my cosy mystery series, I thought I’d share a couple of top tips on writing cosy mysteries. I’m still learning all the time, but here are three I always try to keep in mind.


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1. Know your protagonist and what makes them unique

To be honest, this is a pretty good starting point for writing any novel, but I mention it here because the cozy mystery genre is super popular right now which means a busy marketplace. Readers have a lot of choice, so you need to decide what will make your main character different to others. And I don’t mean surface level things like she wears funny hats or purple trousers. What are the character traits and ways of doing things that will make him/her different and unique?


2. Give them a sidekick (or several!)

Your character is going to need ways of gathering information so it can be useful to give them decent connections. Maybe their cousin is a police officer, or they live next door to a doctor, so they have access to some medical knowledge. Thinking about these things before you start writing can save a lot of time writing new characters in later!


Choose your setting well

The setting will have a big impact on the feel of your book and who your character is likely to know. It’s always worth brainstorming this before you start writing even if you’re not a plotter. For example, a small village setting will give a very different feel to a seaside one, and something set in a city will be very different to both of those. Of course you should write what makes you happy, but don’t forget to think about reader expectations too.


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