So again I need to start with an apology. I haven’t posted in over a month and it’s all because life went completely mental! After getting my book deal and actually signing the contract (so exciting!) I’m now straight into revisions for my first book which is due to be published in September.

I hadn’t been through this process before and didn’t really know what to expect but my editor is super lovely and thanks to her guidance I’m now working on some changes to the original manuscript I submitted.

I’ve seen on some sites, writers being reluctant to make changes to their original work but I’ve been more than happy to take her comments on board. Having learned so much since I first wrote this I was in full agreement with her comments. And if you work super hard to get a book deal, what’s the point if you don’t actually listen to your editor, who is, after all, an industry professional?

Anyway, I’m super excited that the book is getting better and better with each step and I can’t wait till I can share the title and cover with you soon!

Have you ever gone back to a piece of work and realised how much you’ve changed as a writer? Did you feel pleased or embarrassed? (I felt a bit embarrassed!) Stop by the comments and let me know!