There were times when Rachel Treherne fervently wished that her beloved father had left his fortune to somebody else, so overburdened did she feel with the administration of her estate. And never more so than now for, although she was surrounded by relatives who depended on her, whom she loved and who must surely love her, there was no doubt in her mind that somebody was trying to kill her. Threatening letters could be ignored, odd tasting chocolates can be rejected, but when snakes are left in her bed, Rachel is convinced that someone means her terrible harm. Her only chance of a future life lay with Miss Silver, and Miss Silver was well on the way to unmasking the murderer when they struck again.

Being a massive fan of golden age of crime novels, I thought I’d read a lot of the well-known authors. I’m a huge fan of Margery Allingham, Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh — all the greats! So I was really surprised to come across an author I hadn’t even heard of before. Patricia Wentworth was brand new to me and as soon as I read one of her books I had a new favourite to add to my list. If you’ve never read her before and love a crime novel in the vein of Agatha Christie then this is definitely worth a read. Her Miss Silver novels feature an unassuming sleuth but be warned, she only pops up when she needs to!

Lonesome Road is actually book three in this series and one of my favourites. As with all good cosies you don’t have to read them in any particular order and there are certainly lots to choose from in this series!