As an agony aunt, Fliss Carmichael should have all the answers but when her own marriage begins unravelling at the seams, she hasn’t a clue where to start. After a simple mistake causes an unintended role swap, she becomes the one seeking advice from an unlikely source!

I originally read this book as part of the Summer Solstice Readalong in the amazing Facebook group Chick Lit and Prosecco so considering that it’s now February, it really is appalling that it’s taken me so long. Especially as this was such an enjoyable read!

I loved the premise from the moment I read it, which is why I opted for Julia’s in the first place. The idea of an agony aunt needing advice is such a lovely irony. I was lucky that the book didn’t disappoint! It was laugh-out-loud funny, the characters were well-rounded and the plot nice and pacey.

If you need something funny and uplifting this is definitely worth a read.

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