I love this time of year! Autumn is without doubt my favourite season, particularly this year after such a long hot summer. I love that feeling of a new school year full of opportunity and promise and luckily, my kids do too.


The other thing I love about it is that I can sneakily buy myself new pens and notebooks when I’m shopping for the kids back to school supplies! Come on, who doesn’t love a new notebook and sparkly pens? But the thing I find most reassuring is getting back into the daily routines. Lazy summer days are great but they often leave me feeling adrift. I’m the type of person who works better with structure and a lack of it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable!

Back to school means familiarity and the chance to really nail those writing goals. I also love to set new writing goals to see me through to Christmas. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Christmas? I can’t wait to start planning that either!


So what are your goals for the best season of the year? Where do you want to be by Christmas? Let me know in the comments sections. I’d love to know!