One writerly question, one answer, one minute to read!

Here we go…Are Twitter pitches worth it?

In my opinion, one hundred percent yes! Twitter pitches are a fabulous way to get your name out there and land a book deal – it’s what I did!

I entered a Twitter pitch for what became Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage shortly after HQ Digital started up. They were running it through July and one evening I thought, why not, let’s have a go! I’m so glad I did because they got back to asking for more info and it all went from there.

Having said that, you don’t just want to tweet any old rubbish. It needs to be a true representation of your book and if you’re lucky, your voice. If you think you’d like to join some of the Twitter pitches that are around, take some time to plan your tweets because sucking a novel down into 280 characters (or 140 as it was when I did mine) is really hard!

Top Tips

  • Hit the one main storyline – forget subplots. Just focus on the one big hook.
  • Think of it like a Netflix synopsis – they’ve got it down to a fine art! Read some for your favourite programs to see what I mean.
  • What are the themes of your book and are there any key words you can use in your pitch to bring this out?
  • What is your voice? I (try) and write funny, uplifting fiction so wanted my tweet to show that. Try and get your voice to represent your genre.

I hope these help, guys. If anyone else has tips to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash