One writerly question, one answer, one minute to read!

Here we go…My story keeps getting rejected. Any tips for getting over it?

First of all, every writer needs to accept that rejection is going to happen! It’s not always that something is wrong with your story (though if you’re told that, do take note!). Sometimes it’s that an agent or publisher has already signed something similar, or your novel just isn’t what they’re looking for right now. Whatever the reason, rejection can be hard to take but it is part of the process.

Secondly, congratulate yourself for being brave enough to put your work out there. There are many who don’t even get this far.

Thirdly, if you got a personal rejection, find the good things. I once got a rejection that paid me the compliment of being a natural storyteller. I was so blown away, I’ve printed this out and stuck it on my wall. When I get disheartened, I look at it and remind myself I might not be as bad as I think!

Finally, there are a gazillion different ways to get an agent or a publisher, and there’s always the option of indie publishing. We all know that old saying that when one door closes another one opens, don’t we? Life takes us on twists and turns all the time, so a rejection doesn’t mean the end of the road. There’s always another path to tread.

Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash