I’ve been asked recently about what my typical day looks like so I thought I’d share it here in a blog post and give you a bit of a rundown. Believe me, it’s not normally as exciting as attending the Romantic Novelists Association Awards and staying in swanky hotels! In reality it’s much more mundane and hectic!

My day starts at 6am when my hubby gets up for work. We’re so into the habit now that we all get up and the kids don’t ever sleep later than that so there isn’t much point in trying to laze in bed! We’re all up and about and it’s lunchbox and breakfast making, plus my kids do their school reading every morning so we get this out of the way. At some point I throw on a bit of make-up. It’s not something I’m good at, and to be honest, I can only manage the minimum in the time allowed, but I have to do it so I don’t scare the neighbours.

 Monday’s and Tuesday’s are a little different because my mum and dad come over to help look after the kids meaning I can get two full days work in. They’ll help out more if I’m on a tight deadline and am pulling my hair out or crying into my coffee. They arrive early and help with getting the kids to school. After I’ve walked the dog (our lovely King Charles Spaniel named Wotsit) I’m at my desk and work through until lunch when I’ll have a quick bite and walk the dog again. Then I’m back at my desk for a full afternoon. The kids are collected at 3.15pm and on a Monday and Tuesday I work through until 5.30pm. Then mum and dad toddle off. They’ve normally earned a rest by then!

The rest of the week I’m on my own as my hubby works in London and isn’t back until at least 7pm, so I have to get as much work in as I can while the kids are at school. Sometimes, when a story is going well it’s hard to have to leave it! At other times, it a blessed relief! I try and give the kids my full attention once they’re back so we can chat about their day and do their homework. I might pick some work back up again in the evening once the kids are fed and in bed, or I might do a workout. I’m not naturally slim and being sedentary all day means the weight piles on if I don’t, so it’s become a part of my evening routine. Les Mills On Demand is my go-to, and working out at home means no one sees me red face, sweaty and dying.

Then once the hubby is back, I cook our dinner and collapse in a heap on the sofa. If my mind is still mulling over storylines or plot holes, I might make a note of them and any solutions I come up with, but most of the time I’m knackered and falling asleep!

Because I’m limited with the time to actually write in the week, I often end up working at weekends too. It’s a habit I want to break but with term time being filled with open afternoons, trips and after-school clubs, and school holidays wiping out a lot of my time, I’m often trying to get ahead of the game. It doesn’t always happen though!

So there you are, that’s a day in the life of me. I love it and I’m incredibly grateful that I get to do what I love and work from home. I know many people don’t have the same options I do so I really do appreciate it. I wouldn’t have my life any other way, even if the kids do drive me absolutely crazy most of the time!