It’s guest post time! And today the lovely Bernadette Eden is stopping by telling us more about her and her writing!


Is it true that an eyebrow pencil can change your life?

In my case, yes.

My start to 2022, like most people’s I assume, was flat. I had such high hopes for 2022 and by about the end of Feb I think the sparkle had fallen off of New Year’s Eve and I realised life is not quite back to normal yet.

By the end of April I was needing to start again which led to me celebrating the start of a new year on May 1st 2022. I needed to reset, to get my ducks back in an orderly row and start the year again.

And what does that have to do with an eyebrow pencil?

So, slight backstory, I was a teenager of the nineties and any female worth her tweezers knows, we all plucked heavily back then. And the result for me now is, well, I’m hanging onto what’s left of my eyebrows with the skin of my teeth. Or the actual skin above my eye I suppose!


Earlier this year I took the plunge and went to The Eyebrow Studio where they trimmed, groomed, combed (yes combed) my eyebrows and introduced me to an eyebrow pencil. To be precise the aptly named (Poni) Brow Magic.

What happened was, I went home and used my new pencil. I loved it. My eyebrows looked amazing but, it made me want to spruce up the rest of my face to match the eyebrows. So, I added a little tinted sun-cream, then, what the hell a bit of powder. I rummaged in my make-up bag and found a clear mascara, further rummaging found me a lovely lip gloss I didn’t even know I had.

Stay with me, I’m getting to the point.

The thing is, I looked great but better than that I felt great!

That day, instead of putting on my usual grey track pants and nobbled jumper for a day of writing by myself at home, I stepped it up a little. I reached instead for clothes that were still comfortable for writing but clothes that made me feel the same way my tizzied up face did.

And then, because I was looking and feeling great, I decided to work at the library and because I wasn’t distracted by washing needing to be hung out or a dog dropping toys at my feet, I managed to plot out a book and smash out a heap of words.

My day continued in much the same fashion. I was kicking goals and I’m telling you, it all started with the eyebrow pencil!

I have to point out, I am not a make-up person, the thought of wearing make-up everyday seems annoying to me. But because I have found a routine that is essentially some sun-cream and making fabulous looking eyebrows, it works for me.

It’s like the process’ of putting my face on, in turn, helps me puts my ‘game face’ on.

And I don’t know if Leo Tolstoy had just bought an eyebrow pencil when he said ‘True life is lived when tiny changes occur’ but I feel like he would understand my love of my eyebrow pencil and the changes it has bought.

So, I’m not saying everyone needs to go out and buy an eyebrow pencil (but if you do I really don’t think you’ll regret it), I am saying though that if you can find that one tiny change that improves the rest of your day you will find that big changes follow.

Thank you!

Bernadette has published two novels, The Making of Molly Gardner and The Perfecting of Molly Gardner. The third book of this series will be published in November 2022.

If you want to check out The Molly Gardner Series head to

The Making of Molly Gardner

Molly Gardner wants an ordered life.

When everything is in order she can handle her parents’ death, being deserted by her fiancé, and drowning under the weight of a mortgage.

But when investigator, Josh Baker arrives at her workplace stating the company is under scrutiny for company fraud – Molly’s organised world is thrown into complete chaos.

Even more so when her eccentric boss goes missing.

With her job at stake and in turn her home, Molly must embrace the chaos to find her boss, save the company and get things back to normal.

Well, as normal as they can be under her tight control.


Thank you so much for joining us, Bernadette! Make sure you all head over to Amazon to grab your copy of The Making of Molly Gardner!