If any of you guys are based in the UK and have kids you’ll be facing the prospect of the big six week summer holiday and that requires one thing – Gin!


I’m an absolute gin lover. I’m completely nuts about all the different types of gin you can get and all the different ways you can drink it. I particularly enjoy a gin cocktail (does anybody not?). And with the summer holidays fast approaching I thought I’d share one of my favourite gin recipes. Apple and blackberry gin!

The best thing about this recipe is, apart from the fact it only takes four weeks, is the pretty pink colour it becomes. Oh, and it has the most amazing smell. I first found this recipe on a blog called Larder Love and it is AMAZING! Karon, who created it, is an absolute genius! But whatever you do, don’t forget the bay leaf. It makes such a difference!

For the full instructions nip over to Larder Love and take a look, but you basically need a bottle of gin, 8oz of blackberries, 8oz of apples, 7oz of sugar and a sterilised air tight container! Chop up the apples, shove everything in together and turn it once a day for 4 weeks and at the end you’ve got an amazing flavoured gin to decant into sterilised bottles. Voila! Super easy and totally worth it. Drink it with a plain tonic over ice and maybe a bay leaf to make it look posh!

Do go to Karon’s website and check out the full intstructions though!

If anything will help us mums make it through the next six weeks, this definitely will!