So, I’ve managed to accomplish pretty much nothing since my kids started back at school in September and now we’re on half term holidays and the little critters are back under my feet for the next ten days. Yes, you read that right – ten days!

Between housework, entertaining the kids, referring aurguments and walking the dog, my time is going to be severely limited. My stress levels are already soaring and, in this, I know I’m not alone. So, what can we do when we’ve got to fit work around kids?

Now I’ve necked some coffee and finished freaking out I’ve come up with a plan of action.

The first thing I’ve done is to decide which tasks I’m definitely not going to accomplish. Starting that first draft I’ve been plotting for ages? No chance! That’s definitely going to have to wait until they’re back at school. Writing a bunch or articles ready to submit? Not likely.

But, I can accomplish smaller tasks. Sorting out my desk and filing everything so I can crack on straight away when the kids go back is a definite yes. Re-reading my novel outline and double checking everything is where it should be is also a yes. I can even plan some articles so all I have to do is write them later. These are things I can do in small chunks and put down if I need to.

As I’ve scaled down my to-do list, I’ve given myself three or four manageable tasks to do each day. If I can get more done then great. If not, at least I’ve got a small sense of satisfaction from the things I have been able to achieve. Plus I won’t feel so much like a failure from not ticking anything off my to-do list.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not going to be easy and I might go slightly insane in the process, but at least I have a plan to get me started!

I’ll let you know next week if this actually works!

What are your strategies for being productive even when life gets super busy? I’d love to hear any hints or tips you have to share. Let me know what works for you and what doesn’t!