Abandoned by her parents in favour of a sea view, middle class Georgiana Ellers has moved to a new town to live with her dreary aunt and uncle. At a particularly dull dinner party, she meets the enigmatic Frances Campbell, a wealthy socialite and enchanting member of the in-crowd.

Through Frances and her friends, Georgiana is introduced to a new world of wild parties, drunken debauchery, mysterious young men with strangely alluring hands, and the sparkling upper echelons of Regency society.

But high society isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and the price of entry might be more than Georgiana is willing to pay.

Full of lavish parties, handsome men on horseback and laugh-out-loud humour, this is the summer read everyone’s talking about.


To be honest, I can’t really remember how I heard about this book. I think it must have been Twitter or something but thank goodness I did! If I hadn’t, I’d have missed out on an absolutely gorgeous book and as it says on Amazon, it really is like Bridgerton and Fleabag had a book baby!

Georgiana’s a fantastic main character with just the right amount of naivety and pluck while her friends are brilliantly Mean Girls without being caricatures. The love is brooding and swoon-worthy and the plot unfolds at a roaring pace that forces you to keep the book in your hand! There’s no putting it down once you start reading.

A fantastic regency read well worthy of 5 shiny stars!