Bestselling author Alex Nelson is slowly coming apart at the seams after a failed marriage and an abrupt change in career leave him at a crossroads in life. When an unexpected opportunity arises to escape to the idyllic village of Mermaids Point, he’s hot on the heels of his brother, Tom, who has recently moved there. Buying a rundown bookshop might be just his latest harebrained scheme, but Alex has never been one to do things by halves.

After spending her early years caring for her mother, Ivy Fisher is finally ready to start living her own life. But when the impossibly charming, impossibly good-looking Alex Nelson swoops in and snatches her dream out from under her nose, it really is the last straw. Forced by circumstances to spend more time with him, Ivy finally gets a peek of the real man beneath the confident exterior, and she likes what she sees.

But just when things are starting to come together for them, Ivy is reminded why men can never be trusted. Is Alex who he says he is, or is he using Mermaids Point as nothing more than research fodder for his next bestseller?

Enjoy a gloriously uplifting, page-turning, romantic escape to the seaside with the bestselling author Sarah Bennett. Perfect for all fans of Trisha Ashley, Holly Martin and Milly Johnson.


I’m starting the year off with a book review that will get you ready for spring and brighten your life immeasurably!

I absolutely adore Sarah’s writing and devour each and every new book as soon as I get the chance too! Her characters are well-crafted, relatable and most important of all, real! Her writing is seamless and beautiful and I just love the setting of Mermaids Point. This whole series has become one of my favourites of all time and if you haven’t read the previous books, make sure you grab them as soon as you’ve read this one. And don’t worry, it can be read as a stand alone if you don’t have time to read the others!


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