Book Review – Lessons in Love


I LOVE Belinda’s writing and if you haven’t yet read anything of her’s you most certainly should! But let’s start with the blurb:

Eleanor Manning is finally leaving behind her glittering but empty life in the city (and her soon-to-be-ex-husband) to return to the comfort of her childhood home in Apollo Bay.

She’s landed a lovely new job in her old primary school library and a flatshare with her bubbly best friend, Penny. So yes, she’s well and truly learnt her lesson when it comes to love…

But then she meets gorgeous teacher Marcus Blair and Eleanor’s self-imposed rules fly out of the window! Surely she can resist him long enough to keep this fling no strings attached?

Now, if the blurb wasn’t enough to get you ordering this book, then let me tell you why you should. First of all, from the very first page I was laughing and giggling as I read. Belinda is so funny and her characters come to life, jumping off the page and straight into your life.

Secondly, umm…a school library?! Who wouldn’t love that as a setting!

And then, thirdly, Marcus is a fantastically swoon-worthy hero.

Belinda is brilliant with dialogue and it was always sharp, funny and snappy. And as someone who’s never been to Australia, knowing it was set there, combined with the story itself made me want to book my ticket and head off straight away!

This is a perfect fun, flirty beach read and one I know you’ll love. So please grab your copy now on:

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By Katie Ginger

Katie Ginger

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