Katie Ginger, Writer

Live. Read. Write.

Katie Ginger, Writer

Live. Read. Write.

My debut novel The Little Theatre on the Seafront is out now on Amazon and Kobo . 

Hello and welcome everyone!

I’m Katie and I’m a chick lit and cosy mystery writer. My debut novel The Little Theatre on the Seafront was published in September 2018 by Harper Collins, HQ DigitalUK!

There’s a couple of links above, but if you’re not in the UK, all the links are on the Publications page so please hop on over and grab a copy! I promise you’ll love it!

If you love funny, warm chicklit then stick around! We’ll have lots to discuss. And if you enjoy witty cosy mysteries, please check out my short stories – Mrs Walker and the Lady in the Laundry, and Mrs Walker and the Poisonous Punch published by Mystery Weekly, and Murder Upstairs, published by Zimbell Publishing in their anthology ‘Why?’.

Here’s where I’ll be blogging about various things – writing, gin, life … more gin! I hope you’ll join me!

Latest stories

Author Interview – Merryn Allingham

Today I’ve got awesome historical novelist Merryn Allingham on the blog talking about her writing process and sharing her hints and tips! Read on to find about more about her and her novels.   Hi Merryn, tell me a bit about you and your latest work. I write historical mystery/suspense novels with a dash of romance. My latest book is called A Tale of Two Sisters and will be published by...

How do you organise your writing?

The number of notebooks I had when I started writing was utterly appalling. I had one. Yes, I know! One! And in it I wrote everything in a huge higgledy piggledy mess. And unsurprisingly when my writing became more of a career aspiration than a hobby, using this notebook was a giant pain. I was constantly going backwards and forwards trying to find where I’d written that thing I thought of...

Author Interview – Emily Royal

Today’s guest author is the fab Emily Royal! Hi Emily, welcome to the blog! Tell me a bit about you and your latest work. Hi Katie, thank you so much for having me! By profession I’m an actuary which is probably as far removed as you can get from being an author. I do get opportunities to be creative at work, though. Last year I co-wrote a scene for a case study and it got turned into a 5...

A few things I’ve learned about public speaking (so far!)

So, I’ve agreed to do my first author talk next month and pretty much from the moment I agreed the fear started! I think I’m currently in a state of denial but I have been beginning some research into how I can manage it without turning into a gibbering idiot! I’m probably about as far from an expert on this topic it’s possible to get, but I wanted to share my journey with...

Lost Words – Let’s bring ’em back!

As a lot of this blog is about writing, I wanted to write a regular article on my favourite forgotten words. You know the type of thing, those poor lost words that sit at the back of our minds, gathering dust, having been discovered years ago in literary classics like Dickens, or Austen. They are the spices of the literary world, but I refuse to let them sit in a cupboard and be ignored until...

My AMAZING night at the RNA Awards!

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Romantic Novelists Association Awards where I was shortlisted for the Katie Fforde Debut Novel of the Year! I didn’t win, but an amazing novel by Joe Heap, The Rules of Seeing did. I’ve never been to an awards thing before and it was awesome! I felt totally snazzy in my gorgeous shoes, and we even stayed overnight. After the awards I ordered...

Katie Ginger, Writer Live. Read. Write.