November 2023

Want to know a secret?

Hello everyone,

Are you ready to know my secrets? I'm sharing them on a couple of podcasts this month when I talk about what it's like writing under two pen names and spill all the gossip about how I got here and what's happening next!

My episode of The Write and Wrong Podcast is out already and later this month I'll be on the Two Lit Chicks podcast, so do check them out wherever you get your podcasts from. I'd love to know what you think of the interview. I was so super nervous!!

So, in the writing world, Christmas at the Chateau is out and I'm now writing the third and final book in the chateau series called A Wedding at the Chateau. I'm having so much fun with this first draft (which doesn't always happen!) so I'm enjoying the ride as much as possible.

I'm also doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to try and get 50,000 words written in November all so I can have a decet break break over Christmas!

Have you started planning Christmas yet and what Christmas reads are you most looking forward to? Let me know on my socials and make sure you're following me on BookBub to get any bargains and price drops!

Lots of love,

Life has gone a little bit downhill for Naomi Winters…

Ever since her ex-husband Ollie filed for a divorce last Christmas, Naomi is a self-confessed scrooge. She hates her job, has exactly zero hobbies, and on top of that she’s all alone this holiday season.

Spurred on by her best-friend Mia – who has invited her to spend Christmas at her snow-kissed Chateau in the Swiss Alps – she decides it’s time for change.

But, when she arrives, she’s shocked to see Mia’s big brother Gabriel. It’s been fifteen years since they last saw eachother, forcing her to face memories she’d rather forget.

As Naomi grapples with getting her life back on track, she throws herself into various festive activities, and she can’t seem to escape Gabriel this time…

Will he manage to thaw her icy heart, or is she on a downward slope to disappointment?

My Recommended Reads!

A Concert for Christmas by Helen Hawkins

Unwrap a story of festive song, good cheer and - just maybe - a sprinkling of love ...
Schoolteacher Sophie Lawson has fled to the Cotswold countryside after a tragic break-up and is throwing herself into dating and organising Cranswell's annual Christmas concert.

The festive fun is marred by the arrival of a handsome but surly musical director, tricky pupils and concert preparations falling into disarray. Disaster strikes, but the show must go on. Will the concert bring Christmas harmony to Cranswell and will Sophie end the year on a high note?

The Cherrywood Murders by Penny Blackwell

It has been a year since Tess had to trade the hustle and bustle of London life for pulling pints and moonlighting as a Cher impersonator in a backwater country pub.

sleepy Yorkshire village of Cherrywood would always be home, but a return to rural life wasn't quite the path she'd paved for herself. Still, being back with her oldest friends, Raven and Oliver, was a definite upside and she was beginning to settle into the slower pace.

That is until
Clemmie Ackroyd, a stalwart member of the community, is brutally murdered. Ruled a robbery gone wrong, it's an open-and-shut case for the police, but something isn't quite adding up for Tess.

Then an unexpected face from the past shows up in the village, pointing fingers, and Tess finds herself resolving to get to the bottom of Clemmie's death -
even if that means getting up to her neck in jam, Jerusalem and deadly secrets at the Women's Guild . . .

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