March 2023
Hello spring!

Is it just me or does March signal a big turning point? Even if the weather doesn't really improve, it just feels easier to deal with and I'm happy to say there's been a bit more sunshine down in Kent recently.

Life has been super busy with top secret trips out for stuff I'm not allowed to talk about yet, a short break in Oxford with one of my closest friends, and Summer at the Chateau going up on NetGalley. I've also been writing the first draft of the second book in the Chateau Series and checking page proofs for Summer at the Chateau so my feet haven't really touched the ground! I'm not complaining though, I absolutely love being busy and am so, so grateful to be doing this.

Apart from all that I've been reading for fun, and for research, and have some books to recommend to you below!

I hope you're all keeping well and would love to know what you're currently reading. Feel free to stop by my Facebook page and let me know.
Lots of love,

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Recommended reads...

I've been loving my usual romances and have thrown in some historical fiction too...

Blood and Sugar by Laura Shepherd-Robinson is epic!

Where We Belong by Sarah Bennett is a must read!

And I can't wait to get started on Leonie Mack's A Taste of Italien Sunshine!

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