October 2023

September has been a crazy busy month!

Hello everyone,

With back to school shenanigans, putting the finishing touches to my next Emma Royal Palace Girls book, and starting researching the third and final Chateau book, it's been crazy!

But, I am excited to welcome in October and get ready for the publication of Christmas at the Chateau. It's been sat happily with a bestseller flag for most of September which is unbelievable, but super exciting and I can't wait for readers to meet Naomi and Gabriel. Reviews are really positive and I'm beyond grateful to everyone whose read a copy.

Soon I'll be writing the third Chateau book, A Wedding at the Chateau and honestly, this one is going to be a blast to write! I can't wait to get started.

What have all your lovely people been up to and what are your favourite reads I should be adding to my TBR list?

Lots of love,

Readers are loving Christmas at the Chateau!

"This was a lovely read."

"This was a lovely addition to the series and I can’t wait for another installment."

"I thoroughly recommend it!"

Life has gone a little bit downhill for Naomi Winters…

Ever since her ex-husband Ollie filed for a divorce last Christmas, Naomi is a self-confessed scrooge. She hates her job, has exactly zero hobbies, and on top of that she’s all alone this holiday season.

Spurred on by her best-friend Mia – who has invited her to spend Christmas at her snow-kissed Chateau in the Swiss Alps – she decides it’s time for change.

But, when she arrives, she’s shocked to see Mia’s big brother Gabriel. It’s been fifteen years since they last saw eachother, forcing her to face memories she’d rather forget.

As Naomi grapples with getting her life back on track, she throws herself into various festive activities, and she can’t seem to escape Gabriel this time…

Will he manage to thaw her icy heart, or is she on a downward slope to disappointment?

My new Emma Royal book is out now and available in ASDA!

Buckingham Palace, 1951

The nation is on the road to recovery after World War Two. And so is Milly Hendry.

When her parents were killed in the Blitz, she was taken in by her aunt who works in the prestigious Royal Army of Cleaners. Buckingham Palace has since become like home to Milly, and the people she works with like family.

Though tensions in the palace are rising as the King's health is declining, the staff gather below-stairs to celebrate Milly's 21st birthday. But her day quickly takes a turn when some unexpected post arrives.

Could a letter containing secrets from the past change Milly's whole future?

Available from Asda!!

My Recommended Reads!

When Luna Rowntree gets an unexpected and life-changing legacy from a man she’s never met, she’s determined to find out why – even if it is Christmas Day and her family are expecting her...

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