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Christmas at the Chateau has dropped to 99p!

Life has gone a little bit downhill for Naomi Winters…

Ever since her ex-husband Ollie filed for a divorce last Christmas, Naomi is a self-confessed scrooge. She hates her job, has exactly zero hobbies, and on top of that she’s all alone this holiday season.

Spurred on by her best-friend Mia – who has invited her to spend Christmas at her snow-kissed Chateau in the Swiss Alps – she decides it’s time for change.

But, when she arrives, she’s shocked to see Mia’s big brother Gabriel. It’s been fifteen years since they last saw eachother, forcing her to face memories she’d rather forget.

As Naomi grapples with getting her life back on track, she throws herself into various festive activities, and she can’t seem to escape Gabriel this time…

Will he manage to thaw her icy heart, or is she on a downward slope to disappointment?


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