June 2021
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Welcome to summer!

It's been a glorious few days here in Britain and the sun has finally started shining! Anyone else get sunburned this weekend? My right arm did! Just my right arm and I've got a proper tan line where my T-shirt sleeve was. Slightly embarrassing but there you go! It was worth it to sit with my family and enjoy a BBQ!

It's a bit odd to be editing my Christmas 2021 book in such hot weather, but I'm not complaining. That's what your imagination is for, isn't it? And I plan to sneak outside for lunch as much as possible! I might even set up the parasol and work out there while I can.

So what's going on apart from that? Well, though I was due to have a summer release this year some scheduling issues mean its now going to come out next year as my spring/summer book. I'm probably going to be dropping down to two books a year (two romances, that is!) but it means I can pay a little more attention to my cozies too!

Speaking of which, I've just finished editing my second Sleuthing Club Mystery and will be updating

While I dive back into a snowy, cold Christmas with teacher Bella and single dad, Nick, I'd love to know what you're up to!

I hope you enjoy the sunshine and happy summer reading!
Lots of love,

The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse

When Amelia inherits her childhood home, she has to return to Meadowbank and old flame Adam, the one thing she regrets leaving behind.

When she discovers a hidden locket, she starts to uncover her great-aunt’s past but can she find where her heart truly calls home?
The first in my cozy mystery series is available now too!
Summer 1952.

Charity Nicholls is bored of her tiny English village where nothing ever happens.

But everything changes the day her father receives a poison pen letter.

When letter writing turns to murder and the police arrive, led by the infuriating Inspector James Lawrence, Charity must find the murderer before anyone else dies!
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On the blog this month...

I've got a fabulous guest post from the amazing Sandy Barker as well as book reviews and my usual writing tips!

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